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Should You Schedule an HVAC Repair or Replacement?

Outdoor HVAC unit being repaired and tested

Making decisions about your HVAC system can often feel like an impossible task. Sure, you know this vital system keeps your home comfortable year after year, but the details about its inner workings have never been important. Now, however, you wish you understood the ins and outs of this system a little better, if only […]

Get Your Heating System Ready for Winter

Model house wrapped in a scarf and wearing a knitted hat for the winter season

While the holiday season brings warmth and cheer, the cold weather that accompanies it can be quite challenging. That’s why it’s crucial to get your heating system ready for winter. Nobody wants to be caught in a chilly home with a malfunctioning heater, especially when you have guests visiting! Follow these winter heating maintenance tips […]

Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Safe for My Home?

A person wearing yellow dish gloves pours liquid drain cleaner into the sink

At Cool Willy’s, we provide drain cleaning services in Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding areas. We understand that dealing with a clogged drain is a frustrating and inconvenient experience for homeowners. It’s tempting to reach for a quick fix, such as a liquid drain cleaner, to solve the problem. But the question that often arises […]

Is Central Air or Ductless AC Best for My Home?

Our residential air conditioning customers often ask, “Is central air or ductless AC best for my home?” Our answer is usually, “It depends.” That may not sound like a straightforward answer, but choosing between central air and ductless AC really does depend on different factors. So if you’re wondering whether central air or ductless AC […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Turning Off By Itself?

A mom and daughter sitting on a couch; the mom is using a remote to turn on an air conditioner.

Has your air conditioner ever shut off before reaching the set temperature? As a home or business owner, this can be both exasperating and alarming. Not to worry, though — this is a common problem called “short cycling,” and it tends to happen with most HVAC systems if not regularly maintained. Luckily, the staff at […]

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