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Heater Repair Services in Tucson, AZ

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As residents of Arizona ourselves, we know how infrequently our state gets cold weather. However, there are still days when we need a working heating system — and days when that heating system just doesn’t seem to want to turn on.

If your furnace, heat pump, mini-split, boiler, or other heating system is on the fritz, remain calm and pick up the phone. Cool Willy’s Air & Plumbing is here for you, and we’ll be there ASAP to help you out! Read on for more information about the heater repair services we provide throughout Tucson and beyond.

Providing Fast & Affordable Heater Repair Services in Tucson, AZ, and Beyond!

When you need heater repair services in Tucson, AZ, put your faith in Cool Willy’s Air & Plumbing! We specialize in heating services, emergency HVAC services, and more for home and business owners in Tucson and these nearby AZ locations:

  • Oro Valley
  • Marana
  • Saddle Brooke
  • Sahuarita
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Green Valley
  • Picture Rocks
  • Vail
  • Corona De Tucson
  • Rancho Vistoso
  • Saddlebrooke
  • Amado
  • Arivaca
  • Benson
  • Mescal
  • Bisbee
  • Elgin
  • Greaterville
  • Hereford
  • Huachuca City
  • Mount Lemmon
  • Nogales
  • Oracle
  • Patagonia
  • Red Rock
  • Rio Rico
  • Saint David
  • San Manual
  • Sierra Vista
  • Sonoita
  • Tubac
  • Tumacacori-Carmen
  • Whetstone

Heater Unit Repair in Tucson, AZ

Not every Arizona property uses the same heating system. That’s why we’re prepared for anything when we come out to the job site! From old-fashioned gas furnaces to state-of-the-art heat pumps, we can fix or replace anything you use at your home or business. There are no projects too large or too small for our friendly HVAC experts.

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Call the Best Heating Repair Company in AZ Today!

Even if you rarely need heater repair services in Tucson, AZ, your choice of company matters. That’s why countless home and business owners throughout Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Saddle Brooke, Vail, Rita Ranch, Sahuarita, Catalina Foothills, Tortolita, and Green Valley, AZ, rely on Cool Willy’s Air & Plumbing for fast and affordable heater repair services!

Don’t wait until you’re dealing with a broken heating unit to schedule an appointment. Reach out to our heater repair contractors to book a tune-up or inspection today and be proactive about your comfort! We’ll see you soon.

Signs Your Heating Unit is Broken

Do you need heater unit repair? Here are a few tell-tale signs that your heating unit is broken!

  • Your heater is making strange noises, such as banging, rattling, clanking, clicking, or booming.
  • Your heater blows cold air instead of hot air, or no air at all is coming out of the vents.
  • Your heater constantly produces strange odors when in use.
  • Your heater turns itself off after a period of time.
  • Your heater doesn’t turn on at all.
  • Your heater doesn’t respond to thermostat controls.

Why Isn’t My Heater Blowing Hot Air?

If you wake up to your heater not blowing hot air, it’s clear that you need heater repair services in Tucson, AZ. But what actually causes this irritating issue? These are a few potential problems that can lead to your heater not blowing hot air:

  • Clogged or dirty filter. You (or your heating repair company) should replace your heater’s filter at least every 90 days during the usage season to ensure it’s clean. Without a clean filter, the unit has to work harder to blow hot air — and eventually, it’ll stop blowing hot air at all.
  • Broken blower motor. The heater’s blower motor is what enables warm air to move through the building, so it makes sense that blower motor problems can lead to a seemingly broken heating unit.
  • Ignition issues. If your pilot light or electric furnace ignition system has malfunctioned, the heater’s burners can’t be ignited. This may be why cold air is coming from your vents.
  • Unit is overheating. Most modern heating systems have built-in sensors that shut off or limit heat once it passes a certain threshold. If a heat sensor is broken, missing, or faulty, your unit’s “brain” might be telling it that it’s overheating when it isn’t. In other cases, the unit may actually be overheating. Regardless of what’s going on, our heater repair contractors can diagnose and fix the problem.
  • Heat exchanger problems. A cracked, dented, or otherwise damaged heat exchanger can spell trouble for your heating system — and your household. If you have a gas furnace and smell rotten eggs or other suspicious odors, you should evacuate people and animals from the building and call your utility company to ensure you do not have a gas leak. Then call us for heater repair services in Tucson, AZ, so your heat exchanger can be repaired or replaced as necessary.

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